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Who We Are

At Vanguard Strategic Resources we pride ourselves in the Quality & Professionalism of our consultants. Our vision sets us apart from other firms because our primary objective is to bring value to your institution. As former Executive Bankers we understand the meaning of value and have been disappointing with a lot of firms who were very costly and brought no real value to the table.


As Compliance Regulatory experts, we have the experience and expertise your institution needs and the knowledge your institution requires to obtain success. We hope to build long term professional relationships with financial institutions on a face to face level.  Our Advisors & Consultants are meticulously selected with the skillset and experience that best suits your institution.

Company Partners have real financial institution experience having served as Bank Chief Compliance Officer, BSA Officer, Chief Risk Officer, Chief Underwriter, Chief Credit Officer and Compliance Officer.  FDIC Approved Contractors, as well as CA DBO, OCC and FDIC liaisons. Experience with Business Banks, Money Service Businesses, Private Banking, Trade Finance, Fintech, E-Payments & International Banking.

Executive Management

Bob Flores

Managing Partner

A California native with over 20 years of financial investigations experience. As our BSA/AML Subject Matter Expert, Mr. Flores is highly experienced with FDIC, OCC, and California DBO in matters of bank operations, with expertise emphasis in Memorandums of Understanding, Consent Orders and Cease and Desist Orders of BSA Safety-Soundness and Compliance. Experienced in bank-wide oversight of Federal and State Bank Examinations in areas of BSA and General Compliance. Bob has the experience imperative to financial institutions, having successfully managed and negotiated the lifting of Joint CA DBO and FDIC Cease and Desist Order related to BSA and Operational weakness.

Mr. Flores is a regulatory compliance professional who truly cares about the integrity of his team’s work and the well being of his clients. He lends his experience in regulatory matters and remediation with a hands on approach who is always available to meet with clients to ensure their needs are being heard and executed. 

Previous Experience

Bob Flores has served as Chief Compliance Officer, BSA Officer, Board Member and Corporate Secretary of publicly-traded financial institutions. Mr. Flores has also managed bank merger & acquisition campaigns and legal matters for a publicly traded bank. 

Fluent in Spanish, Mr. Flores has significant International Banking experience providing advisory service to international banks in Taiwan, Japan, China, Mexico, Panama, Guatemala, Ecuador, Costa Rica as well as Central Banks of three Latin American countries.

Robert R. Villapando

Managing Partner

With over 35 years of experience in financial services, Mr. Villapando is our Mortgage Banking Subject Matter Expert. Mr. Villapando has a very broad knowledge of banking. His commercial and credit banking experience allowed him the knowledge base to transition into BSA/AML compliance as well as Lending compliance; where he is considered by many as the premier subject matter expert in the industry. Beyond his Integrity, true professionals like Robert understand that knowledge is meant to be gained and shared. His decades of experience in banking lend great wisdom to projects and is someone who is truly respected in financial service industry. 

Mr. Villapando has extensive experience in the Money Service Business Sector. Having consulted for global MSB's in compliance matters.


Mr. Villapando is CAMS certified, a Licensed BRE Broker, and FDIC Approved Consultant.


Previous Experience

Mr. Villapando has served as Chief Credit Officer and Chief Underwriter for retail and wholesale/correspondent Mortgage Banks. He has extensive experience in regulatory and compliance issues including FACTA, CFPB analysis, Reg X (RESPA). Reg C (Home Mortgage Disclosures) Reg Z (TILA/HOEPA/HMDA) and has performed regulatory due diligence under FACTA and CDOT, CCAR. 


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