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I had the pleasure of working with Bob Flores in a most difficult situation where his performance was exemplary. He served as Chief Compliance and BSA Officer for a publicly-traded, '34 Act reporting bank and helped them resolve serious compliance issues

Alan Rosen

Partner at Horgan, Rosen, Beckham & Coren

I had the opportunity to work with Bob Flores on regulatory examinations and compliance matters. Bob is an excellent partner who collaborates positively and can be depended on for complete, accurate and timely engagement and delivering on projects. His wide ranging and extensive experience in banking is a real asset to an organization.

Todd Greer

Sr. Vice President, Senior Compliance Officer - Citi

In our time together at AXP, I had the opportunity to work with Nariema on some large projects. I found Nariema to be very detail oriented and able to provide insight in developing 'end-to-end' solutions. Not content with just analyzing the obvious details, Nariema has the skills to look for the root causes, and the people skills to sell her ideas ot others, including more senior leadership. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Nariema again.

John R. DeMaio

Global Procurement at American Express

Walter and I worked together on a difficult case involving guarantor deficiency issues. His experience in the banking industry was invaluable and his work as an attorney was excellent.

Ken Stone

Civil Litigator at Law Offices of Kenneth H. Stone

I worked with Ms. Brenda West at a major financial institution on a Anti-Money Laundering project. Brenda is extremely knowledgeable in BSA/AML and was an essential part of the AML team. She is a highly skilled investigator/analyst and a detail oriented professional. Brenda is very dependable and worked long hours on the AML project which contributed significantly to production results.  


Furthermore, she has an excellent rapport with people from all walks of life. I am certain that Ms. Brenda West has what it takes to get the job done and any employer and/or educational institution would be doing a disservice to themselves if they did not take advantage of this young lady’s experience and talent.

Armando Carlos

Security and Financial Investigations Professional

Bob Flores is extremely knowledgeable in the fields of Risk & Compliance. His attention to detail and follow through are exceptional, which makes him a great asset to any organization. I had the privilege to work with Bob for almost two years at Banamex USA (BUSA – a subsidiary of Citibank, N.A.) and he was always courteous, professional and delivered quality work on time in a very challenging environment.

Ernesto Rodriguez

Sr. Vice President - Citi Holdings TMO

I have had the opportunity to work with Chuck Golden from 2009 to 2013. Chuck is an analyst of very deep and unmatched experience in many areas and with data and information that is varied from socio-cultural to financial to tactical to technical. 

What is so unique about Chuck is that he is able to link bits of data together from many, many different data sources and in such a way that they make a very compelling narrative to answer the who, what, why, when, where, and how questions that underlie the overall questions he is being asked to answer. This makes his analytic products very deep and broad such that they are very complete.

Chuck has also been a SME and tester for one of our analytic tools. As a top-notch analyst, his input has been invaluable to creating a UI and capabilities for our analytic tools that take into account ways analysts do their work and removes much of the complexity that is common in many other analytic tools.

Would I work with Chuck again? Absolutely! His insights are thoughtful and very provocative but he is able to show the “mind of the analyst” in such a way that a technologist can then take that information into account to create great tools.

Jim Lola

Sr. Engineering Manager/Director; Project Manager; and Enterprise, CyberSecurity, Cloud, & Big Data Analytics Architect

Leo Ulfelder in all respects to work ethic, knowledge and understanding of Mortgage lending, operations and risk management, you'll not find a more knowledgeable person!


Leo understands the meaning of Balance Sheet Risk and overview as well as what it means to have a profitable organization.

Having worked with Leo now for many years have helped me grow in the business as well as a person and I'm better off to have met and worked with him.

Executive Vice President – Residential Lending and Home Loan Group

Ventura County Bank

Nariema has always been very hard-working and extremely dedicated in her career. She is a strategic thinker and is an asset to any company.

Perry Sandler

Marketing at American Express

During 2006, I worked a major restatement of financials with Robert Robles. I found him to have extensive knowledge of several banking related FASB's, including SFAS 133 Accounting for Derivatives and Hedging and SFAS 115 Accounting for Certain Investments in Debt and Equity Securities. Robert is a talented accountant / financial analyst on the Controller/CFO level. He was pleasant, professional and ethical at all times. I believe Robert would be a tremendous asset to any company or project.

Jerry Stephens


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